Dr. Deborah Gilman


Collaborative Divorce Coach

I believe that families don’t belong in court. I have seen the emotional pain and financial hardship that divorce litigation causes in the lives of individuals. 

As a Divorce Coach, I am a neutral participant in your process, helping both spouses recognize, negotiate and communicate emotional concerns during the divorce process. 

As opposed to engaging in emotionally charged conflicts, a coach can assist divorcing couples to think more clearly, helping you to navigate this difficult time in a more respectful and constructive manner.

Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce Process is a new way for you to resolve disputes respectfully — without letting a judge decide the fate of your family — while working with collaboratively trained professionals who work to support you and your family through the legal, financial, emotional, and parenting issues.

Collaborative Divorce allows you to maintain control of the divorce process with your spouse, and not relegate it to the courts.

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